• By all measures, Bennett Woods is an excellent school. Our students have many opportunities to learn and experience success in a caring environment with high expectations, and we are proud of our consistently high academic performance. We invite you to learn more about our school, our staff and our students. Please contact us with additional questions.

    Physical Facilities and Setting:
    In addition to being among the top-performing elementary schools in Michigan, Bennett Woods has been recognized nationally for its outstanding physical facilities!  According to American School & University's "Architectural Portfolio" (1994), "this school is an innovative approach to the design of lower elementary buildings".  With stunning views to the outside from almost every area, Bennett Woods is situated on 45 acres of trees, poinds and marshy areas. The 54, 601 square-foot school opened for students in the fall of 1993.  Bennett Woods' current enrollment is over 400 students in Kindergarten thru 4th grade.  Academic "pods" help young students by providing a "family" feel while retaining an overall sense of community and school spirit.  Highlights of the school include a beautiful art room overlooking a perennial garden and courtyard, a full-size gym, innovative kindergarten classrooms, with a separate playground, and a library center, soccer fields, a paved play area and natural areas including wetlands and woods.  Bennett Woods is air-conditioned, which provides a comfortable environment conducive to teaching and learning.

    Professional Teachers, Specialists and Support Staff:
    Bennett Woods' outstanding academic reputation and high student achievement is due in large part to the dedication of its skilled professional staff who have high academic expectations amid a caring school climate. Classroom teachers and specialists are committed to working in partnership with families for the benefit of students. Support staff work closely with teachers to ensure that the goals of the school are met and the needs of individual students are addressed. The school's active school improvement team meets regularly and is highly involved in establishing school goals. The staff works together as a professional learning community to assess student learning and identify areas for improvement.

    Parent/Guardian and Community Involvement:
    Bennett Woods has actively involved parents/guardians and community members! Parents/guardians regularly provide support to the school as volunteers in the classroom, library, enrichment activities and special events. They also serve as chaperones, special event planners, Junior Achievement instructors and "Meet the Masters" Art Patron volunteers. The school's well-organized Family Council (parent organization) provides resources that are unable to be funded through regular school funding. These include field trips, classroom supplies, support for clubs, technology and more. Nearly 100% of parents/guardians attend student conferences and are actively involved in fund-raising to support the school's goals.

    Partnerships with Michigan State University (MSU):
    Bennett Woods benefits from its proximity to Michigan State University. The school collaborates with MSU's Teacher Intern program, which has been nationally recognized as one of the most outstanding teacher preparation programs in the country. Fifth year teacher interns work full time throughout most of the school year under the mentorship of a classroom teacher. Proximity to MSU also brings a wealth of diversity to the student population as families come from all over the world. The "international feel" (customs, languages, foods and experiences) of the school enriches the learning environment for everyone--students, families and staff!