• The College Search:

    Students may find this College List Template helpful in their college search process.

    1.  Get on a campus or many campuses. Visit! Find information for campus visits on a college’s admissions webpage

    2. Get in the college database. Go to the college admissions webpage and there will be a place for you to ask for information. This displays "demonstrated interest."

    3.  Attend a local college fair at LCC in the fall. Typically in October. Watch for more information!

    4.  Attend any OHS college lunch time visit. The guidance office will have the dates when each college will  visit. Make your presence known and ask questions.

    DO NOT CHOOSE COLLEGES FROM ANY RANKINGS! They are not to be trusted. Remember you are a unique individual looking for your own best fit, not the rankings fit. Look outside the box. There are thousands of colleges in the US. If everyone applies to the same "NAME BRAND" schools their selectivity increases due to more applications. This has nothing to do with quality. Do not fall prey to this please. Also I do not recommend College Confidential.

    Select colleges with a clear understanding of how your academic profile fits the academic profile of the college. Everyone needs to have a realistic understanding of whether they fit a college's expectation or not (financial fit, social fit, cultural fit, etc...).

    If you are applying to multiple colleges then make a calendar or spreadsheet of all requirement and due dates. Scholarship due dates may be different than college admissions due dates.  

    Some good websites to use are:

    College Board's Big Future


    College Navigator