• The Okemos Food & Nutrition Services department is providing healthy meals and offerings that meet the USDA Healthier, Hunger-Free Act 2010. These offerings will enhance a child's academic and physical performance and address childhood obesity issues.

    This school year brings more USDA guidelines for even healthier meals and offerings for your children. The Smart Snacks in School, USDA's "All Foods Sold in Schools" Standards was effective July 1, 2014. This new guideline impacts all food sold on school property from midnight until 30 minutes after the school day has ended.

    The USDA School Meals Nutrition Standards require that a variety of low fat unflavored milk or fat free flavored milk be offered, all grains must be at least 51% whole grain-rich, and students must take at least 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetable with breakfast and lunch. Meals also must meet calorie, fat, sodium and sugar guidelines.

    Standards/guidelines we use to make sure food and beverage items meet the Nutrition Guidelines are:

  • If your student has special dietary needs, you must have a form filled out by a Physician. This form will have to be filled out for each school year or if there are any changes. The Request for Special Dietary Needs Accommodations form will need to be turned in to the Food & Nutrition Services Office.