• Accepting (Only) MasterCard/Visa/Discover. Payments are "real time" and will appear on your student's account shortly after you receive your confirmation email notice that your payment was processed.

    To view balances & details of purchases and make deposits, go to and follow the easy directions. Further information can be found on Getting Started.  Disclaimer: By clicking on the link you will be leaving the Okemos Public Schools website. The Okemos Public Schools is not responsible for the security and content of

    There are new fees for using a Credit Card. These will be listed at the checkout page also. There is no fee for viewing balances and purchases. You will still need to set up an account with your student's ID number. Credit card payments will not be taken over the phone; you will need to do it online at the above address. You will need your student's nine-digit ID number to register. This number can be found on report cards and class schedules at the middle schools and high school. If you need assistance with this, please call 706-5017. Your student ID number is your account number. All students have a lunch account. Once you are registered at the school, you are automatically set up with a lunch account.

    Our New Meal Magic Student Account System is set up like a Debit account:

    • Eliminates the need for students to carry cash. 
    • Allows parents to deposit money to a student account for use on any day...eliminating the morning money hassle! 
    • It is simple, convenient and designed to improve our students less time in line and more time to eat. 
    • Protects the identity and privacy of all students.

    Negative charging will only be allowed for two Combo meals at the secondary schools. No a la carte items will be allowed to be charged to an account with a zero balance. They will need to pay cash for a la carte items. Money left over at the end of the year will roll with the student, no matter what school they are going to.

    Students at Kinawa, Chippewa and the High School will need their nine-digit student ID number or the four-digit "Quick ID" number to enter into a pin pad. You can find their nine-digit number on their class schedules or their report cards. Students will also still be able to use their Picture ID cards. Cards from previous years will also work. When they scan their card or enter their pin number, their picture will appear on the cashier's screen.

    One free ID card is issued to each student at the beginning of the year. You do not need to purchase any pictures from Lifetouch to get this ID but you will need to have your picture taken by them on the assigned day. Replacement cards can be purchased for $5.00. See any cashier or call the Food Service Office.