• The Transportation Department reminds parents and students to expect some "fine tuning" and/or rerouting during the first few weeks of school.  Please call Corrinne Karpinski, Director of Transportation, at (517) 706-5050 with any questions regarding the bus schedule.

    PARENTS / GUARDIANS: Please review the following rules with your child(ren) so he/she will know what is expected while riding the bus.  Cooperation and courtesy in following these rules will permit us to better serve your child(ren).

    Blue star Students are expected to be visible at the scheduled bus stop five minutes before the scheduled stop time.  Remember if you’re late, everyone on the bus will be late.

    Blue star Quietly remain ten steps back from the designated stop. Wait to load until the bus door is completely open and the driver signals. No pushing, please.

    Blue star The driver is in charge. Students are expected to cooperate and follow the driver’s direction.

    Blue star Current district transportation policy states that students eligible for transportation must reside in excess of 1.5 miles from the school they attend.

    Blue star Expect to walk some distance to a bus stop as required by state regulations.

    Blue star Cross in FRONT of the bus when crossing the road or highway; DO NOT CROSS IN BACK OF THE BUS BECAUSE THE DRIVER CANNOT SEE YOU.

    Blue star Remain in your seat and in a sitting position when the bus is in motion.

    Blue star Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before attempting to get on or off the bus. Leave the bus only at the consent of the driver.

    Blue star Occupy any seat assigned by the driver. The bus aisle must be clear at all times. Keep feet out of the aisles, off seats, and off backs of seats.

    Blue star Sit upright and keep head, arms, and hands inside the bus at all times.

    Blue star Observe classroom conduct while on the bus. Avoid unnecessary disturbing noises. The driver should not be distracted while the bus is in motion. Do not shout or gesture at passing persons or vehicles.

    Blue star Be courteous! Profanity, vulgar language, fighting, teasing, pushing and shoving will not be tolerated.

    Blue star Help keep the bus clean. Eating, drinking or smoking is not permitted on the bus.

    Blue star Any malicious damage to a school bus will be paid for by the person responsible for the