• Persons who suspect a child may have a disability that substantially limits a life activity may make a referral for evaluation. Parents, teachers, social workers, licensed physicians, nurses, foster parents or other agencies may initiate the process by:

    • Contacting the child's teacher
    • Contacting the building principal
    • Contacting the school counselor
    • Contacting the § 504 Coordinator

    A §504 Evaluation Review meeting will be scheduled. The members at the Evaluation Review will include the parents and qualified professionals. At that meeting, existing information/evaluations as well as classroom-based information and observations will be reviewed. Based on the review, the team will identify what additional information, if any, is needed to determine whether your child has a substantially limiting handicap.

    If after an Evaluation Review additional information is needed, the parents will be asked to sign a §504 Referral and Consent form. ALL REFERRALS MUST BE MADE IN WRITING. Once your written consent is received, the team will evaluate within thirty (30) school days.

    Once the evaluations are completed, recommendations are presented at a §504 Meeting. Using the evaluation information, the §504 team determines whether or not your child meets eligibility criteria for a §504 Educational Plan. If the child is eligible for accommodations, a formal plan will be developed cooperatively with the school and parents. The plan will be reviewed on a yearly basis, unless otherwise indicated.