• Hello to all including students and families of Shubeloplis!


    I am Ms. Riley, and I will be teaching alongside Mr. Shubel in Shubelopolis this school year. This is a part of my student internship program with Michigan State University. I am more than excited to work with everyone this year therefore let me tell you a bit about myself! I recently graduated from MSU with honors this past May 2023. My degree of course is in Elementary Education which I have found to be my passion. Social Studies was my focus while in school, but I am certified to teach with the State of Michigan all subjects for grades K-5. When it comes to family, I only have one other sibling, my sister, whom I adore dearly. I also recently adopted my first dog, Mylee, this past summer. She has been the main character in our lives these days. She is a chihuahua mix therefore she can be a yappy little thing, but we love her dearly. In my free time, you can catch me traveling, enjoying music, or doing anything crafty like knitting.


    As a way to introduce more about myself and explain my passion, I will tell you about my early life. I was born in a small town in Alabama but have spent most of my life in Lansing. So, I consider myself a true Michigander. I graduated from Everett High School, but I will admit I did not leave expecting to go into education. Like most of us when reflecting on my life and my strengths I realized education might be my calling. I was a good student throughout all levels of school. I dug deeper into my childhood and realized I experienced a lack of self-love coupled with bullying which deterred me from being myself up until college. It was then that I decided I did not want children to feel as unloved as I did growing up despite both parents being at home. I began to substitute teach during my senior year of college along with the required student teaching in my program. Those experiences only furthered my passion since I can connect with students not just through schoolwork but also with them as people. I have never been so happy in my life as I am when teaching, connecting, motivating, and learning with students.


    Therefore, when I stated education is my passion it goes beyond teaching students. I want to create safe spaces for students to be themselves while leading them academically throughout the school year. We will also create a space filled with respect, empathy, and kindness for all.


    With that being said, welcome to the new school year! I cannot express how much I look forward to learning and growing with everyone this year!