• School Supply List

    The Willow Room

    Miss Lauri

    ***Welcome to a new school year!  If possible, we would appreciate the donation of the following supplies.  Supplies are never required, but always appreciated. Thanks!

    ***All of our supplies will be community supplies… please do not label each item with your name.  

    ***If possible, please stick with the specific brands listed (we have found they work the best/last the longest).  Thanks!

          * 2  boxes of 24 Crayola Crayons    


          *1— 24 pack Ticonderoga #2 pencils (the yellow and green pencils with the “good erasers”… I know

            other pencils are on sale at this time of year, but the Ticonderoga #2 pencils work so much better!  


          *1— 4 pack of skinny Expo whiteboard markers (any color)


         * First-graders only: 1 View 3-Ring Binder (1”) with clear pocket cover (color—your


         * 1 large box of tissues (any brand, 200+)


          *Plain, light backpack (please avoid extra-large or backpacks on wheels)

          *Gym shoes (to keep in your locker—if you sometimes wear sandals or dress shoes to


          You may bring a healthy snack each day.  ****We are a nut-free classroom.   We have a short morning and a long afternoon, so we eat our snack in the afternoon.  For the best energy and brain power, please consider including some protein—we have a cooler with ice available for items that need to be kept cold.  Cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt in a cup, hard-boiled eggs, seeds, bean dip, soy butter, sunflower butter, and hummus are some protein ideas to go with healthy crackers, bread, granola bars, fruit, veggies, etc.                     

                  *please avoid chips, cookies, and desserts/sweets

                  *please avoid all “squeeze” items, no yogurt or applesauce, etc. in a tube

                  *please do not send drinks for snack time

                  *be sure to bring your own spoon as needed


    ***Thank you for your help with supplies!  

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