• To contact the Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee, please email:  diversityadvisory@okemosk12.net 

    Beth Brauer
    To paraphrase one of my favorite writers Maya Angelou, "We do better when we know better." Honoring diversity both within our community and on a global scale will empower our youth to contribute positively in all they pursue. Changing the world for the better begins with one's character.

    Timothy L. Davis
    I want to bring insight that fosters growth and understanding with regards to attaining and sustaining a culturally diverse staff. I am volunteering to assist with providing valuable ideas and attainable goals. I am also volunteering on this committee to assist the administration with ways to engage students of different ethnicity who make up our great student population.

    Shulawn L. Doxie
    As a parent of two Okemos School District children, I am committed to not only my children's educational experience, but that of their peers. Therefore, I serve on the Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee to lift the voice of minority students and families. My intent is to bring cultural awareness at the forefront of conversations regarding policies/procedures, culturally responsive curriculum and effective recruitment and retention efforts of minority teachers and administrators.

    Xavier Durand-Hollis, Sr.
    I feel that one of the biggest challenges in our district is fostering the understanding and appreciation of ALL points of view and perspectives. It is very important that we promote the spirit of inclusion among all students and support those with specific needs.

    Eduardo Olivo
    Help make the Okemos School District a more inclusive space for all.

    Jose Quintero
    I volunteered for the Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee to ensure that children of various backgrounds are represented. I believe the diversity in the Okemos school district is one of our greatest strength. I hope to represent a community showcasing that we are welcoming, understanding, compassionate, and a place where students can learn with no fear of being judged, excluded, or dismissed.

    Mina Shin
    As an immigrant parent to an American-born child and an educator in International Education, I am a dedicated advocate of cultural diversity. I believe that I represent the growing immigrant families in the school district and understand their perspectives and interests. I’d like to serve as a liaison to represent their voice.

    Deepa Srikanta
    I would like to see diversity lead to learning opportunities and acceptance and respect for differences. This enriches the education experience and will help create a sustainable, nurturing environment for all students.