• Use of the Okemos Logo for 2021-22


    The 21-22 school year will be a year of transition to our new logo and mascot. As we phase out our mascot and logo, it is imperative that administration is clear regarding the expectations and guidelines for our use of our logo while we transition. 

    In general- additional purchases of anything with the “O” with the word “Chiefs” or the “Chiefs” logos are prohibited.  The district and support organizations (PTS, boosters) will discontinue ordering, selling and giving away any merchandise with “Chiefs” logo. 



    The temporary standard logo

    for the 21-22 school year is the following:

    OPS Logo Multicolor Type 1


    The “21-22 Okemos Public Schools Temporary Logo Toolkit” shall be utilized next year for all newly sold or ordered spiritwear, warm up gear, equipment, communications, etc. It contains digital renderings of variations that can be used to standardize our approach that should be used next year wherever possible. 

    School Provided Uniforms and Equipment

    Students will still be able to wear district-provided uniforms and equipment that are reused each year may have the retired “Chiefs” logo until they can be replaced. However, any additional sales of clothing, uniforms, warm up gear, practice gear with the retired “Chiefs'' logo is prohibited. Purchases of items or equipment may not contain the old logo (“Chiefs”) and if needed should utilize the temporary logo tool kit until a new one is adopted by the district. 

    Permanent Fixtures

    School fields, scoreboards, signage and other more renditions of the “Chiefs” mascot and logo contained on more permanent fixtures will be replaced after the new mascot and logo are determined. 

    School Store 

    The school store will not sell, give away or donate any additional items that contain the “Chiefs” name and or logo. The school store may not sell current inventory and may order some items using the temporary toolkit. Grant funds, once obtained, may be used to replace or purchase temporary items until the new mascot and logo are identified. 


    As the current logo is phased out during the 21-22 school year, employees may wear the retired logo when acting in capacity as an employee of the district. The temporary logo toolkit may be used for new employee gear until the new mascot or logo are decided. 

    District Websites and Digital Images

    The district website and all digital images shall be updated with the temporary logo toolkit for the 21-22 school year. This includes but is not limited to: yearbooks, senior pictures and events, scoreboards, teacher/staff webpages graduation, announcements, class ring, school pictures, cards, banners, etc.   All letterhead or district sponsored or affiliated correspondence, publications, digital or in print,  shall use the temporary logo toolkit, including but not limited to: newsletters, newspaper, letterhead, ID badges, business cards, etc.