• M-Step

    2018 test dates:

    • April 9th - May 4th 8th grade testing during corresponding academic classes
    • April 30th - May 25th 7th grade testing during corresponding academic classes

    The M-Step tests were developed to measure what Michigan educators believe all students should know and be able to achieve in five content areas:  mathematics, reading, science, social studies, and writing.  The test is administered to students in grades 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 11.  The test results paint a picture of how well Michigan students and Michigan schools are doing when compared to standards established by the State Board of Education.  The M-Step test is the only common measure given statewide to all students.  It serves as a measure of accountability for Michigan schools.

    Results of M-Step tests can be used by schools for school improvement purposes.  The results indicate overall strengths and weaknesses of a school district's curriculum, and can be used to modify instructional practice.  Results have been used for the Michigan Accreditation Program, and will continue to be used as one piece of this program as it evolves into an accountability model.

    Properly used, the M-Step tests can:

    • Measure academic achievement as compared to expectations, and whether it is improving over time
    • Determine whether improvement programs and policies are having the desired effect
    • Target academic help where it's needed

    The M-Step website contains general testig information, individual school test results, newletters, and prototypes of the current M-Step tests.  Please go to michigan.gove/mde for more information.


    PSAT 8/9

    The PSAT 8/9 is given to 8th grade students in the fall.  This test gives the students a chance to practice a timed SAT style test before they take the PSAT 10 in 10th grade and the SAT in 11th grade.  Results are returned and interpreted for students usually in January.  This information gives students specific feedback and helps students know where they need to focus their effort.