Is Okemos Public Montessori school a "true" Montessori?

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Every Montessori school and almost every Montessori teacher have their unique interpretation of what a "true" Montessori education entails. There is tremendous variation among schools (and even between classrooms within the same school) in their application of Maria Montessori's principles. The only "true" Montessori schools were the ones taught by Dr. Maria Montessori herself. Most modern day Montessori schools have evolved to some degree due to social change and technological advancements. Okemos Public Montessori is a "true" Montessori in the same sense that other schools may make that claim- it attempts to remain true to Dr. Montessori's philosophy and practices. Dr. Maria Montessori intended for her teaching method to be used in public schools- she desired all children, regardless of ability or background, to benefit from her teaching methods.