Cornell Elementary

Together...educating with excellence, inspiring each learner for life.

  • Meet the Office at Cornell:

    Main Office Phone:  517-706-5300

    Attendance Line: 517-706-5305

    Tracy Ojerio, Principal:

    Jennifer Darjes, Administrative Assistant: or 517-706-5302

    Nisreen Abulibdeh, Clerk: or 517-706-5303


     Okemos LogoCORNELL'S PAW PLEDGE.........

    Today I wiill do my best to be my best.
    I will listen.
    I will follow directions.
    I wil be kind and honest.
    I will respect the rights of others.
    I can learn and I will learn.
    I am proud to be me!

    OUR MISSION:  "Together...educating with excellence, inspiring learners for life."