Okemos High School

Together...educating with excellence, inspiring each learner for life.


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    Okemos High School and its highly credentialed staff are committed to a tradition of excellence with an emphasis on meeting the needs of each individual student. Situated near Lansing, the state capitol, and Michigan State University, the area holds significant community strengths such as economic and cultural diversity and many leaders in the fields of education, government, law, medicine, science and the arts. These individuals and other community residents expect excellence in education and collaborate to accomplish this goal. Okemos is well known for a tradition of educational excellence with strong parent/guardian and community support. Okemos is a highly acclaimed school district and our high school is ranked in the top 10 in the state of Michigan. Approximately 99% of Okemos High School graduates go on to colleges and universities; 85% of our students attend four-year institutions, approximately 14% attend two-year institutions, and 1% other (military, employment, or travel).

    The mission of Okemos High School is to educate students in a supportive, challenging and structured environment to become lifelong learners whose performance is a credit to themselves and a benefit to society.  In support of this mission, Okemos High School offers Advanced Placement courses, honors courses, a Science Research class, Career and Technical Education classes, online courses, individual student devices, multiple computer labs, and award winning programs in art, athletics, band, choir, journalism, and orchestra.  Our student clubs and organizations represent a variety of experiences and opportunities that also support our purpose and goals. Moreover, Okemos High School provides students with the opportunity to develop academically, culturally and socially.

    Thank you for your interest in being part of the Okemos High School family!