Below is a list of scholarships provided to OHS, it is not an exhaustive list in anyway.
  • Scholarship Information

    Scholarships are a great way for students to get extra financial help for college tuition and other expenses. The majority of scholarships we receive information about, including the types listed below, are available for senior students to apply for. Underclassmen can start browsing scholarships by using the below search engines, but please keep in mind that typically applicants are in 12th grade. 

    Merit Based Scholarships

    Many colleges provide scholarships that are automatically awarded to applicants based on academic qualifications (GPA and SAT or ACT scores) provided on the application for admission. These scholarships are typically awarded on a first come, first served basis and students need to be mindful of deadlines. Merit based scholarships are typically renewable from year to year as Jong as the student maintains a certain level of academic performance while in college.

    College Specific Scholarships

    Many colleges offer a variety of endowed or departmental scholarships. These scholarships vary based on interests, academic performance, special talents or major. Once offered admission, students can apply for these type of scholarships, typically found on the college's Financial Aid & Scholarships websites. Students may also qualify for scholarship competitions. An additional registration for the competition is often required and space is often limited. Students need to be mindful of deadlines.

    Michigan Specific Grants & Scholarships

    The State of Michigan offers various grants and scholarships to students.  Eligibility requirements include Michigan residency; U.S. citizenship, permanent resident or approved refugee status; FAFSA completion; a high school diploma or certificate of completion; and the student be enrolled at least half time at an approved Michigan college or university.  Students can find more information at

    National Scholarships and other Scholarship Search Tools

    Scholarships offered at the national level are awarded to students of all ages and levels of education. The funding for scholarships can be based on a variety of criteria, unique talent or particular hobby. Utilize scholarship searches to create an organized, manageable list of scholarships that your student will actually qualify for based on a profile provided:

    Be aware that some colleges may adjust the amount of their award based on the amount of outside or national scholarships received. Contact the university financial aid office for more information.

    Local Scholarships

    Local scholarships applications are available in the Spring. Information about the different scholarships can be found in the counseling office and the table below. The name of the scholarship is also a link to the website for more information. News and Notes and the hallway monitor will also list Okemos-specific scholarship information.