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  • Monday Clubs Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Asian Culture (bi-weekly) Chemistry Amnesty International (bi-weekly) Anime (bi-weekly) Comp Sci
    BPA (bi-weekly) Chess ALAS (bi-weekly) BSU Drama (2nd)
    GIDAS Earth Math Competitions (bi-weekly) Chinese Yo-Yo (bi-weekly) Painters (bi-weekly)
    Psych/Neuro Sci Esports (bi-weekly) Model UN (bi-weekly) Debate  
    SADD (bi-weekly) HOSA (bi-weekly) Magic the Gathering D&D  
    Okemos Public Speaking K-Dance (bi-weekly) Prism (bi-weekly) Got The Talent  
      Physics Scholarship Club (bi-weekly) Key Club (bi-weekly)  
      Pokemon   Literature (bi-weekly)  
          World Language (4th)  
  • Clubs with irregular meeting schedules include: Action, Archery, Biology, Biology Olympiad, Class of 23 Advisor, Class of 24 Advisor, Class of 25 Advisor, Class of 26 Advisor, Connect, Music Initiative Club, MSA, NHS, Oceanography, Outreach, Science Olypiad, Solar Racing, Student Council, Volleyball, Youth Cycling Club, WILL (Every Other and 2x week), and WiSTEM (2x week).


    Please see the Club page for specific times and a list of adult advisors.