• 3 Easy Steps to Completing your College Application

    1. Submit your application (via CommonApp, the University Website, OR Coallition) 
      • Letters of Recommendation(s)
      • Essay(s)
      • Application Fee
    2. Request your transcripts (if your application is not on CommonApp)
    3. Request your official test scores
  • Letters of Recommendation(s)

    Some colleges/univerisites may require 1 or more letters of recommendation. It is important to send the exact number of letters of recommendation that the school asks for: no more no less. Letters of recommendation should come from 11th grade core academic teachers. Remember to ask for these letters at least 1 month ahead of your deadline! Be prepared to provide a brag sheet and/or a Letter of Recommendation Student Information Form, which can be found in the following PDF: PDF of Brag Sheet or Letter of Recommendation Student Information Form (Teachers).


    Several colleges request that you compose an essay about yourself. Most essays have a maximum of 500-650 words. This essay is critical when it comes to showing a college admissions representative who you are not just academically, but as a unique individual. There are several great resources available about writing a great college essay. Please email your counselor for access to these!

    Transcripts and Test Scores

    It is your responsibility to send ACT and/or SAT scores to a college. If you are retaking the ACT and/or SAT in the fall you can still send in your college application before the college receives your score! Check out our "Testing" information located on this website!

    If you apply to colleges through Common App, your counselor will automatically upload your transcripts.  For all other schools, you must request your transcripts by clicking the following linke www.parchment.com.

    It is your responsibility to know if a college wants you to take the SAT II subject tests (highly selective colleges).