Okemos Public Montessori at Central

Together...educating with excellence, inspiring each learner for life.

  • Okemos Public Montessori at Central Yearly Registration Information

    Okemos Public Montessori at Central (OPM) is an elementary school within the Okemos Public School District (OPS) with a Montessori based curriculum. Though part of OPS, the school does not have an open enrollment year round.

    Each year, OPM conducts an enrollment lottery based on the number of vacancies available per grade. Three-year-old and four-year-old preschool (PPK) is also available as a paid program for a half day through Okemos Community Education. Information regarding the registration windows and details on the process will be available at the end of February.


Important Information

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    Okemos Public Schools have an extraordinary track record for high quality education.  The Okemos Public Montessori classrooms, while differing in method from traditional classrooms, are no different in their goal for excellence in education.


    • Children are born with a natural desire to learn.
    • Learning is a lifelong process.
    • Learning happens when children feel safe enough to take risks with new concepts and ideas.
    • Children reach their highest potential when they are trusted, given opportunities to be responsible, and freedom to make appropriate choices.
    • Children develop toward their potential at their own pace in an environment that nurtures and respects their unique strengths and interests.
    • Children learn by doing, and hands-on activities make concepts relevant to their lives.
    • Academic development is integrated with social, emotional, and physical development.
    • Children's educational experience is enhanced when their parents understand and support the Montessori philosophy.

    Our commitment toward applying the Montessori philosophy ensures our students the greatest likelihood of becoming confident and self-motivated, lifelong learners.

    MISSION STATEMENT:  "Together, Okemos Public Montessori....educates with excellence, respects each individual and inspires learners for life who become contributing members of society."