•  A special thanks to the Connie Osborn Diets Science Enrichment Fund Grant and Preuss Pets along with a collaboration of many people, this year Salmon at Kinawa is raising Chinook Salmon that will be released this spring into the Red Cedar river. Check out our LIVE SalmonCam during November-May to see the school's progress. 

    Salmon in the Classroom at Kinawa

    Salmon at Kinawa is a DNRE partnered program allowing students an interactive, hands-on opportunity to care for Chinook Salmon from “egg to fry” and release them back into the environment throughout the school year.

    This is an exciting program that teaches students about one of our state’s freshwater species.  Students observe the starting life cycle of the fish and learn how to care for them in an aquarium setting.  Students also learn about the diversity living in an aquatic ecosystem and investigate what/ how human participation can impact that.  The experience students gain participating in Kinawa’s outdoor ponds and rivers will hopefully help them to see the importance they individually can have on the environment.

    Check out Kinawa's progress with our LIVE SalmonCam

    Go to YouTube and search KMS Salmon or click on the link below:

    KMS Salmon YouTube Channel