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    Physical Education

  • PE PHILOSOPHY:  The physical education program at Kinawa 5-6 School has several goals:  participation, sportsmanship, motor development, social adjustment, fitness and developing lifetime sports skills.  Students are strongly encouraged to participate actively in planned activities.  A variety of individual, small group and team activity instruction will be used to promote lifelong fitness, health and wellness.  We believe in progressive fitness and will provide the oppourtunity for each student to experience success at their own individual level.  We hope that each child has an enjoyable and positive experience in our 5/6 physical education program.


    Physical Education is a very important part of a student's life, now and in the future.  Participation in PE will not only lead to improved knowledge and skill, but will improve quality of life both physically and mentally.  Teamwork and sportsmanship are the foundations of sports and life.  Students will learn to use coopertation skills throughout all PE lessons.  These lessons learned in PE will improve their future skills with friends, family, sports, leisure activities, and in the workplace.