• Why is PE important?

    Physical Education is a very important part of a student's life, now and in the future.  Participation in PE will not only lead to improved knowledge and skill, but will improve quality of life both physically and mentally.  Teamwork and sportsmanship are the foundations of sports and life.  Students will learn to use coopertation skills throughout all PE lessons.  These lessons learned in PE will improve their future skills with friends, family, sports, leisure activities, and in the workplace.

  • PE Curriculum:

    Intro. to Racquet Sports

    Intro to Archery

    Intro to Football

    Intro to Basketball

    Intro to Volleyball

    Intro to Fitness

    Indoor/Outdoor Electives

  • What to wear in PE?

    We are looking forward to an exciting year at Kinawa in the PE department.  Your child will have 50 minute PE classes two times every week.  Please check with your child and make note of what days they will have PE.

    Students will be most comfortable and most able to participate in good athletic shoes or running shoes and loose clothing.  We will be spending a lot of time outside in the fall and spring.  Please send a sweatshirt with your child, as we will be outside until Halloween and again in the spring after spring break.

    If your son/daughter does not wear appropriate clothing or shoes they will not be allowed to participate.  Skirts, boots, sandals, toe shoes, Keens,  and dress shoes will not be allowed.

  • Grading:

    Your child will receive a NG or no grade on their report card.  They will receive a citizenship grade based on participation, appropriate behavior, and having the correct gym shoes.

  • Inhalers:

    Students with asthma are required to bring their inhalers with them to PE.  They shouldn't be going down to the office every time they need to use their inhaler.  Please write the student's name in permanent marker.  We will be happy to keep inhalers in our PE office or the students can keep them in their school lockers.  A note in the office is needed for every student with an inhaler.

  • Notes/Voice Mail/ E-mail:

    Parents- If your child can not participate in PE class, they need a note from you to excuse them from certain or all activity.  Please send notes that allow participation of some kind if at all possible.  For example:  Johnny broke his finger and will not be able to do push-ups.

    Voice mail and e-mails don't always reach us before class.  A written note is the best form of communication.  If your child brings a note that says he/she can not do PE, they will have to sit out completely.  It is important to write what they can and can't do.

  • PE Goals:

    Do your Best!

    Run at your own pace! 

    Think Postivie! 

    I "CAN" do it! 

    Be Respectful! 

    Have Fun!


    PE Rules and Expectations:            

    R- Ready to Learn

    E- Everyone

    S- Safety

    P- Purpose

    E- Effort/Enthusiam

    C- Challenge

    T- Trust/TEAM Building

  • When do I have PE?

    Students will have PE every other day.  Please check your child's planner and our PE website for days your child has pe or music.


  • What do I do if my child can't participate?

    If at any time your child is unable to participate in PE because of sickness or injury, please send your son or daughther's PE teacher a note.  Please be specific with each note.  A child may have a hurt wrist and can not do push-ups, but can still run.  Please allow them to do something if at all possible.

    If a student is injured for a long period, (ex. Broken arm)  a doctor's note is required.  Please make sure the doctor writes down things the student can and can't do.  A child continuing playing in outside sports is still required to participate in PE.  If they can't do PE, they shouldn't be doing other sports for healing purposes. 


  • Lost and Found:

     Please remind you child that there is a lost and found box in   gym.  It fills up quickly.  Kids are responsible for picking up their things after class.  If they forget all items get thrown into our lost and found box.  Please remind your child to check the lost and found if they are missing any items of clothing.