• Supplies needed for each child: 

    1. Tote bag or backpack: Bags need to be small enough for your students to mange a large folder and large enough to hold: snowpants, hat and gloves, a library book and a Friday Folder 

    2. Slippers: We ask that children bring in a pair of well-fitting slippers with a hard sole. Please do not send slippers that have lights, make noise or have characters on the top. Well-fitting Croc-type sandals are aceptable. Please label slippers with your child's name.

    3. Change of clothes: Including shirt, pants, underwear and socks. Please label all clothing and place in a large ziplock bag labeled with your child's name. 

    4. Snack: Children bring an individual healthy snack each day (please label each day so there is no confusion)  

    5. Gym Shoes: Students need a pair of rubber soled athletic type gym shoe for P.E. class

    6. Family picture - 1 - 4x6 family picture (will be placed in an album and returned at the end of the school year)

    Kindergarten only: - well-fitting headphones- please no earbuds. Please label with your child's name                 

     General Supplies shared by all students: (we use these supplies all year long so they can be sent in at anytime)

    - 24 count crayons Crayola type

    - Markers - broad tip (thick) Crayola type 

    - Glue sticks - regular size 

    - one box of Kleenex

    - pencils  

    - Lysol or Clorox wipes 

    - Thick Expo markers (Black) 

     *Classroom Wish List* 

    - occasional rug washing (over long breaks) 

    -small zip lock bags 


    -watercolor paints 

    -unscented hand soap with pump