• Please send these items with your child on the first day of school:

    1. A Standard size student backpack. Big enough to hold a library book, Friday Folder of classroom work, snow pants, hat and gloves ( in the winter months).                          

    2. Gym shoes:  Students need to wear a pair of rubber-soled athletic –type shoes for gym class.  These shoes will stay at school and be used as classroom shoes. The children wear clean shoes in the room.

    3. Change of clothes: including shirt, pants, underwear, and socks. Please label clothing with your child’s name.

    4. Snack: Children bring an individual snack each day (example- something eaten in 5 minutes like yogurt with a spoon, applesauce with a spoon, raisins, granola bar, banana, apple slices) 

    5. A water bottle for daily use (if you have multiple PPK children, this is specific to my room)

    6. A family Picture (4x6) in a frame for the classroom. The children love looking at each other's families. THIS IS OPTIONAL. 

    For Kindergarten students only: 

    7. Well-fitting headphones– Please no ear buds. Small round connection, not USB. No microphone needed. Please no rechargeable headphones.

    8.  1 pkg. fine tip dry erase markers (black or color). Expo brand preferred. 


    Suggested classroom supply donations:  If you are able, these items are appreciated when school starts:

    1 box of facial tissue ( Kleenex or other brand)

    1 container disinfectant wipes (Clorox or other brand)

    1 package Crayola (preferred) Markers (10-12 pack or larger, thin or thick)

    1 box gallon size storage bags (if you have multiple PPK children, this request is specific to my room) 


    Classroom Wish List: These are accepted anytime during the school year and your donation is much appreciated!

    - Cans of playdough (larger cans or small size cans)

    - Dot (Bingo) Markers (any brand)

    - Crayola Crayons (Big Box Ex: 64 colors)

    - Colored Pencils (any colors/brand)

    - Golf Sized Pencils (colored or #2)

    - 1 box of #2 pencils (I had a larger supply, but it is getting smaller)

    - Greeting Cards (these are used for cutting practice in art) *We only use the cover

    - Box of envelopes (any, but self-adhesive are appreciated) 

    - Sandwich Baggies

    - Snack Baggies

    - Glue sticks (clear or purple that dry clear) Any brand