LGBTQ Resources

  • This page is organized by our LGBTQ group at Chippewa and is intended to educate and inform students and parents about LGBTQ issues.  Below are some links that might be helpful to you and a question and answer section created from questions left anonomously in our boxes at school and answered by our LGBTQ group.

  • Questions and Answers:


    1) Q: Why are people against you?

        A:  Some people do not support the LGBTQ community because of religious reasons, peer pressure, their parents have influenced them, they are not open to new or different things, or a lack of understanding.

     2) Q:  What does LGBTQ stand for?

        A:  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer or Questioning

    3) Q:  What does the Q stand for?

        A:  The Q stands for Queer or Questioning.  It is an umbrella term for those questioning their sexuality or gender or those that don't fit into the other terms.

    4) Q:  Why don't X and Y chromosomes decide gender?

        A:  Here is a good article to help explain that:  Think gender comes down to X and Y chromosomes?  Think again.

    5) Q:  Why are there so many sexualities?  Some of them seem the same, but with different names.

        A:  There have always been a spectrum of sexualities, the terms just weren't widely known.  Some people are adding labels to try to identify with something and others don't like labels.

    6) Q:  How do you deal with all the people that hate on the LGBTQ community?

       A:  Some people try to educate, others ignore, others try to make jokes to hide the emotions

    7) Q:  If someone considers themself pansexual, do they also consider themself to be bisexual?

       A:  Here is a good website to help understand the differences:  Differences

    8) Q:  Please explain the difference between gender and sexual orientation.  A lot of people get them confused.  

        A:  Gender orientation is how someone perceives themselves, whether it is male, female, a blend of both or neither.  Sexual orientation refers to who someone is attracted to.  This is a really simple explanation.  There is a lot more information online.

    9) Q:  What are all the sexualities and how many genders are there?

        A:  There is a long list of sexualities and genders.  In fact, way too many to list here, but here is a website with defintions that may help you:  Definitions