• Core Academics

    Math: Math Expressions

    Language Arts: OWL Reading Program (Opening the World of Learning)

    Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears

    Science: 5 Senses, Seasons, Weather, Animals, Living and non-living, Animals (From Desert to Jungle), Earth and sky, Shadows and reflections, Make it move (force and motion) 

    Social Studies: My self and new friends, Family, Community/Community helpers, Life on the Farm


    Social and Emotional

    The student will:

    • Engage in activities to enhance self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect.
    • Demonstrate independence for making choices for themselves by caring for belongings and by learning problem solving techniques.
    • Learn to take turns with equipment and share materials through cooperative play and working together on projects.
    • Practice relating to adults and peers and identify feelings and understandings of others.
    • Move toward identifying appropriate behavior.
    • Develop an awareness of social and emotional skills through art, role playing, stories and modeling.


    Physical Development  

    The student will:

    • Practice their development of eye-hand coordination.
    • Experience fine and gross motor skills in daily activities.
    • Demonstrate gross motor skills through gym and outdoor play.
    • Demonstrate fine motor skills through use of manipulatives/media.
    • Practice appropriate pencil/marker/crayon and scissor grasp and usage.


    Creative Development

    The student will:

    • Increase use of imagination through experimentation and exploration.
    • Participate in role playing and dramatic play.
    • Experience lessons through language, music, dance and skills.
    • Have opportunities and materials to construct and build.
    • Have opportunities to explore art materials.