Young Fives "Begindergarten" Program

  • This program is designed to assist developmentally or chronologically "young" children develop readiness skills for kindergarten the following year. It is free to eligible families who reside in the Okemos Public School District. District transportation is not provided.

    Application for Begindergarten is now closed.   Applications closed on 5/3/19 and Parents will be notified if their student has received a spot by EMAIL by 5/8/19.

     A tiered lottery is conducted if more than 20 Okemos Public School residents apply which gives preference to applicants whose 5th birthday falls between September 2nd and December 1st. Openings for older aged students with birthdates outside that range will be filled with a lottery of any remaining slots.

    For questions regarding Begindergarten, please contact Tammy Deppong at (517) 706-5402.