• Thanks to the supporters of the 2013 Technology/Transportation/Security Bond, we will be able to accomplish our goals of developing students as modern, 21st century learners. This technology initiative allows us to provide opportunities for the following:

    • Equal access to all students
    • Personalization of learning and teaching
    • Increased student engagement and achievement
    • Development of “universal” skills and competencies for the global workplace
    • Just-in-time student assessment, data gathering, feedback, and adjustments
    • Communication between home and school

    As we continue to invest the time and hard work for implementing the student personal learning devices, we understand that technology can profoundly affect the way our students and teachers work, collaborate, communicate and succeed. Through this technology initiative we believe our educational community will be strengthened in both teaching and learning and remain focused on the mission of our district:

    Together…educating with excellence, inspiring learners for life!

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    Frequently Asked Questions for Student Personal Learning Devices