Programs and Services Available

District Programs

  • Resource Room Program
    General Education Inclusion
    Basic Classrooms

    • Autism
    • Cognitively Impaired
    • Emotionally Impaired

    Vocational Training
    Early Childhood Special Education Program

District Support Services Available

  • Adaptive Physical Education Consultant
    Assistive Technology Consultant
    Autism Consultant
    Hearing Impaired Consultant
    Occupational Therapist
    Orientation and Mobility Consultant
    Physical Therapist
    Physically Impaired Consultant
    School Psychologist
    Program Specialist
    School Social Worker
    Speech and Language Therapist
    Teacher Consultant
    Visually Impaired Consultant

Programs Available Outside of District

  • - Ingham Intermediate School District

    • Center Based Schooling

    Heartwood School
    Secondary Learning Center

    - Neighboring Districts

    • Basic Classroom

    Emotionally Impaired
    Hearing Impaired
    Physically Impaired
    Visually Impaired
    Beekman Center