• Flexible Furniture Implementation Update - 9/19

    We are exceptionally fortunate that the Okemos community supported the passing of a bond in May of 2019.  Included in the bond was an allocation to introduce flexible furniture in our classrooms.  We have been busy preparing for this important implementation and are excited to share an update with you.

    Our goal is to select furniture for learning environments within the schools that will allow flexibility to facilitate the activities of engaged learners:  working alone, collaborating in small groups, and demonstrating knowledge within larger groups.  The bond funding provides a small budget for each school to replace some (not all) of the classroom furniture.  As such, being thoughtful in our planning for these expenditures is critical.

    We have been working with a committee of teaching professionals to identify stools, chairs, desks, and tables that will be field tested in one or two classrooms in each of the schools during the 2019-20 school year.  We will be gathering input from administrators, students, and teachers during the first semester of this year.  We will also be completing an inventory of current furniture and future needs that matches the financial parameters of the budget set for each school.  We anticipate having classroom furniture in each of the buildings by the fall of 2020.

    Should you have questions regarding this planning process, please feel free to contact your building administrator so they can direct you to the person most able to help you.