• Check out the great eBooks and eAudiobooks titles in our online catalog!

    What's so great about them?

    1. There is no way to have an overdue eBook or eAudiobook - you certainly can't lose them either!

    2. You can check them out anytime of the year - over breaks - and most of the summer.

    3. It remembers where you left off and starts you back up in the same spot when you re-open the title.

    4. You can take notes and those notes will stay with you until you leave the district.

    5. We are adding new titles all the time.

    6. eBooks can be downloaded to read even if you don't have an internet connection.

    Just one more way to enjoy your library!


    Check out the title then download it to your offline reader which is available for eBooks. eAudiobooks only work with mobile devices and not computers. To access the eBooks and eAudiobooks on the online catalog:

    1. http://www.okemosk12.net - use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

    2. Select: Library button in the middle of the webpage

    3. Click: Online Catalog

    4. Select: Your School

    5. In the top right corner: Login with your district computer login

    6. On the left side: click Destiny Discover - browse or search for titles! Check out up to 5 titles.

    7.  To download the eBook first checkout out the book you want then click on the middle of the page of the open book to bring up the black bar on top. The 3 lines on the left side of the bar is the menu bar that allows you to download the eBook. When downloaded click the offline content library under the menu bar to create a link to access it offline. Once the book is downloaded it will remind you how to create the offline link.

    eAudiobooks only download onto a mobile device and not a computer.

    8. All eBooks and eAudiobooks check back in automatically after 2 weeks.