• Gift-a-Book


    To help your school’s library buy a book, the student, parent, or teacher may donate a minimum of  $8.00— which is one-half to one-third the cost of the book.  If you like, a book plate is placed inside the book’s cover indicating the support of the individual. You may choose a new book, or ask the librarian to order something to enhance our collection.

    Please consider supporting of this wonderful program that adds more titles to our collection and builds a feeling of library citizenship.  When we all pitch-in, everyone benefits. Thank you.

    A Guide to Donating Books
    Book Donations
    Please talk to your building LMC Specialist or Teacher Librarian about book donations to the Okemos Public Schools.
    Note: We are sorry, but we cannot accept all books.  We are proud of our Okemos School Libraries and work hard to maintain a current collection that supports our curriculum.

    Used books that are donated may be added to the collection, given to a teacher or student, or sold to raise funds for library materials, programs, or other library enhancements.

    Books that have the highest likelihood of being added to the Library's collection or used by a teacher:
    1. have been published within the last 5 years
    2. are "like new" condition
    3. are age appropriate
    4. support the curriculum
    5. meet our selection policy

    Please consider recycling your titles that we cannot accept, such as books that are:

    1. Damaged, torn, defaced, or have missing pages
    2. Damp or musty smelling
    3. Have discolored, yellowing, spotted or water damaged pages
    4. Most textbooks and workbooks
    5. Outdated technology books

    There are several recycling centers in our area.

    Other ways to help our libraries:

    Please consider a monetary donation to purchase new titles through our Gift-A-Book Program or volunteering for a School Book Fair.