• To apply for a vacancy on the committee, please click on the link below:
    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Coalition Invitation for Committee

    Committee Vision and Intent:

    As a diversity-enhanced district, Okemos Public Schools needs to ensure that we are meeting the academic and behavioral needs of ALL of our students.  As educators, we need to examine and reflect on our relationships, curriculum, pedagogy, policies and practices to promote the success of every child.  Our diversity includes, but is not limited to:  gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic, sexual orientation, religion, limited English proficient learners, and special needs learners (special education; gifted and talented).

    Okemos Public Schools is committed to creating a culturally competent and responsive school environment where students, staff and community recognize, embrace, celebrate and value the diverse attributes of each other.  The committee will support and enhance this effort by offering perspective to inform meaningful and relevant action throughout the Okemos Public Schools.

    The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Coalition consists of  parents/guardians, community members, faculty, Board of Education members, high school students and the superintendent who meet two to three times a year, unless more frequent meetings are necessary, to accomplish the work.  An application process occurs every two years, and with the possible exception of the high school students, a minimum of a two-year commitment is appreciated.

    If you would like  additional information, you are welcome to contact John J. Hood at 517-706-5007 or john.hood@okemosk12.net.