• To apply for a vacancy on the committee, please click on the link below and complete the application by September 22 to be considered for the 23-24 school year:
    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Coalition Application

    The Okemos Public Schools’ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Coalition (DEIAC) is committed to creating a culturally responsive and sustaining responsive school district in which students, staff, caregivers and community recognize, accept, celebrate and value the diverse attributes of one another.  The DEIAC will offer perspectives to inform meaningful and relevant action throughout the Okemos Public Schools to ensure that we are meeting the academic and behavioral needs of ALL of our students.  We are looking for new DEIAC members - please complete this application if you're interested in being considered for this amazing team. Space is limited. Applications will be reviewed and you'll be notified of your status ASAP.

    Expectations of DEIAC members:
    • Attend quarterly meetings.
    • Review OPS Equity Plan on a yearly basis (Did we do what we said we’d do? Who’s benefiting from what we’re doing? Are we trending in the right direction?)
    • Review OPS Equity Plan every three years to determine if our goals and strategies still align with the OPS Strategic Plan.  Are we getting the outcomes we want/need?
    • Identify data to be collected to monitor goals (qualitative and quantitative)
    • Analyze data
    • Monitor progress toward equity goals
    • Seek input and identify priorities to share with the Board of Education and Core Leadership Team
    • Provide feedback and guidance to work teams
    • Inform district professional development planning
    • Provide updates to BOE and community

    If you would like additional information, please contact Dr. Lara Slee, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (lara.slee@okemosk12.net, 517-706-5011).