• Click here to register for the Eaton RESA CPC 10/11th Grade Visitation Day

    Students interested in Exploring Programs at the Eaton RESA Career Prep Center can complete the above Google Form to visit on Friday December 15th.  Students will need to provide their own transportation.

    This form will remain open until 12 noon on Friday, December 1. If you submit a duplicate sign up, the most current submission will be your visit selection. Any sign ups after December 1 must be made with your school counselor and sent over to Eaton RESA CPC for consideration. 
  • Wilson Talent Center (formally Capital Area Career Center)

    The Wilson Talent Center provides several opportunities for students to get real-world, hands-on experience in a career of interest. Students should begin exploring WTC options during their sophomore year. WTC programs are open to juniors and seniors. Students have the opportunity to attend programs at the WTC in Mason and the Eaton RESA Career Prep Center located at LCC West Campus.

    For more information about programs visit the Wilson Talent Center website, or the EISD Career Prep Center website 

    You may also contact your counselor, or Miss Thompsom at joi.thompson@okemosk12.net or at 706-4922 for more information.