• Personal Curriculum Modification
    Class of 2011 and Thereafter

    Under certain circumstances, such as where a student anticipates great difficulty meeting the Michigan Merit Curriculum's Algebra II requirement, a student seeks to increase the rigor of the Michigan Merit Curriculum in a specific subject area, or a student with an active Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) needs to modify credit requirements based on a documented disability, a Personal Curriculum may be pursued. 

    To initiate a Personal Curriculum:

    1. The student must have a complete Educational Development Plan that reflects the need to modify the curriculum.
    2. The Personal Curriculum must be requested by a parent, legal guardian, or emancipated student, or by the student with the permission of the parent or legal guardian. The Request for Personal Curriculum form that accommodates most requests can be found by reading this PDF: Personal Curriculum Request Form. Submit the completed form to your assigned counselor. If your request cannot be accommodated using this form, contact your assigned counselor.
    3. The requested modification must be an allowable Personal Curriculum Modification as determined by the Michigan Department of Education. To find a list of allowable PC Modifications, please read this PDF: Allowable Personal Curriculum Modifications
    4. A Personal Curriculum Development team will review the request.  This meeting must include but is not limited to the student, the parent, and the counselor. Students with an active IEP should also include the school psychologist when appropriate.*
    5. If agreed upon, a completed Personal Curriculum request will be forwarded to the superintendent or designee for signature and approval.

      *Note:  A Personal Curriculum Development team must be separate from the IEP team. 

    Once a Personal Curriculum has been approved by the superintendent or designee, the parent is responsible to monitor the student's progress toward completion of the Personal Curriculum on a quarterly basis. 

    Please be aware that inasmuch as this process is new and the Michigan Department of Education continues to modify the requirements and process for the Personal Curriculum, this information should be used as a guide, with the understanding that more current information may be available after the posting of this information.