• Edgenuity

    Edgenuity is an online credit recovery program available to OHS students. OHS faculty periodically review and modify the Edgenuity course templates to align them to the OHS curriculum. The Edgenuity program may be offered as an after school or summer program, funding permitting. Registered students may log-in to the system by going to the Edgenuity Student Access Website.

    Students may complete Edgenuity courses at the Academic Learning Center after school. There is no fee to do so. Students may still work on the Edgenuity course from home but must complete tests and exams in person at school in a proctored setting. Students may only complete one Edgenuity course at a time but may complete more than one per semester. Students will need to contact their counselor to see if this is an option that would be appropriate for them.

    Strategies for Academic Success
    An elective course to earn 0.5 credits

    Strategies for Academic Success (SAS) is an Edgenuity course offered to all current OHS students as well as incoming 9th graders. It is available at no charge and does not require registration. Unlike the credit recovery program, the entire SAS course may be completed from home. SAS is recorded on the transcript as a "G" (no impact on GPA) and earns 0.5 credit.

    Please email Mr. Walton to sign up for SAS.